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York County Heritage Trust Coummunity Award

This award is given to a York County government or civic organization that exhibited outstanding contributions of understanding and promotion of local history.  Advancement of historical activity may include: community celebrations, commemorative publications, audio / visual materials, historical interpretations using private or community services. … The Borough of Mount Wolf put on a superb centennial celebration with just a small committee consisting of Charles Stambaugh, Donna Naylor, Brad Rentzel, Patty Kinder, Josh Bowers and Tom Wolf. … For raising the profile of community history, providing sufficient historical information and creating a full schedule of activities throughout the summer, the York County Heritage Trust would like to recognize the Borough of Mount Wolf.

On September 18, 2011, representatives of Mount Wolf Centennial Committee received the above "Community Award - Government/Civic Organization", at the annual board meeting of the York County Heritage Trust . (Click here to enlarge award.)
Those receiving the award for the Mount Wolf Centennial Committee included Donna Naylor, Charles Stambaugh, Kathleen Myers, Emelyn Blymire, and Ken Brenneman.


Thank you letter to Board of Directors of the York County Heritage Trust. (Click here.)

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