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Mount Wolf Borough

Peddling, Vending, Soliciting and Canvassing - It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in a transient retail business in the borough without first having secured a license therefore. Any person calling upon any premises shall carry a license upon his person. Physical presence upon a premises for a period exceeding five minutes, unless given permission to remain longer, shall be prohibited.

Animals – Pets must be controlled at all times and must be restricted to the owner’s property or on a leash when off the property. Habitual barking, howling, yelping or crying to the extent that it disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighborhood is not permitted. No person shall permit any dog or cat to discharge such animal’s excreta upon any public or private property unless such person removes and cleans up such excreta. Goats, cattle, pigs, hogs, horses, bees, reptiles and/or any other non-domestic animal shall not be kept on a property that is not designed a farm.

If a dog is tether outside: The tether shall be attached to the dog by a non-choke type collar and attached to the stationary object by swivel anchors, latches, or similar devices in a manner which prevents the tether from becoming entangled around any object so as to limit the dog’s freedom within the tethered area, or prevent the dog, or any of its appendages, from becoming entangled by the tether. The dog shall have easy access to clean drinking water and adequate shade and/or shelter within the tethered area. The dog is periodically monitored while tethered for the aforementioned reasonable period of time. The dog is not to be tethered or left outdoors for a continuous period of time greater than one-half hour if the temperature during such period remains entirely either below 32 degrees F or above 90 degrees or during any period in which severe weather warning has been issued for York County by the National Weather Service.

Building/Zoning Permits –A permit, is required to erect any manmade item, which includes a deck, patio, fence, hot tub, pool (24 inches or higher of water), sheds, as well as, any addition or changes to existing structures. Permits are not needed for general maintenance such as painting, replacement of siding, or re-shingling of an existing roof. The Borough is under the mandated state Unified Construction Code (UCC), which requires the Building Permit and possible inspection by the Building Code Officer. See Forms page for the permit application and contact the permit officer 717-848-8455. References: Flood Plain Ordinance Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination IDDE Ordinance Pool owners click here for Borough requirements and for good summary of UCC pool requirements.

Building Removal –No demolition permit is needed from the Borough. If using a dumpster, a Borough PODS permit is needed. For  a commercial building demolition you will need to contact the DEP (717-771-4481). The property owner is responsible to contact the York County Assessment Office.

Burning – Burning outside of any building is not allowed in the Borough except for eating purposes. Any violation is considered a summary offense.

Grass, Shrubbery, Trees – During the growing season, keep bushes, trees, and grass, trimmed. All trees, shrubs, bushes, limbs and other foliage shall be kept clear of sidewalks, streets, and alleys. Street intersections are a concern where vegetation can obscure the clear sight line of approaching vehicles.

Weeds - An owner or occupant of property in the Borough shall not allow weeds to exceed nine inches in height. Violates will be sent notice by first class mail and will have seven days to comply. After seven days, the Borough may cut the weeds at the owner and/or occupant’s expense and issue them a fined. This ordinance includes all curbside weeds.

Junked Vehicles – Motor vehicles and trailers that do not have current inspection stickers and license plates, or dismantled vehicles, must be removed from properties and streets. Upon written notice, anyone in violation shall have thirty (30) days to remove any noncompliant vehicle.

Noise – Noises that create a disturbance outside of property limits or on municipal streets, either by humans, audio devices, autos, all-terrain vehicles, or animals are prohibited by ordinance.

Snow/Ice Removal - Property owners are responsible for snow/ice removal from sidewalls along the entire street frontage of their property. Clear walk means to allow for pedestrian traffic to safely traverse, not just a shovel wide path. Snow/ice must be removed within twenty-four (24) hours after the cessation of snowfall. In the event of unusual circumstances, time limit may be extended. It is against the law to throw snow into the street.

Resident’s with off street parking available should remove their cars from the street to provide better snow removal by plows. Non-motorized vehicles such as utility trailers, campers, etc. should be removed from the street during a snow event. Resident’s with fire hydrants in front of their house are asked to help firefighters by clearing snow away from the hydrants for easier access in the event of a fire.

Curfew – It is unlawful for anyone under the age of eighteen  to be in or upon any vehicle, streets, alley, parks or public places in the Borough at night between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM (12:00 AM and 6:00 AM on Friday and Saturday) unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other person having legal custody of such child. These persons, who must be in the Borough after curfew hours due to employment, may obtain a permit from the Mayor authorizing an exemption for travel to and from work.

Garage and Yard Sales – Any person, firm, or corporation planning to conduct a yard sale, garage sale, patio sale, porch sale or basement sale do not have to register with the Borough. The above type sales are limited to two sales per calendar year for individuals and three sales per year for non-profit organizations. No sale may last more than three days nor can it be held between the hours of 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

Sidewalks – Property owners are responsible for the repair and/or reconstruction of sidewalks and/or curb along the entire street frontage of their property. The Borough may notify a property owner, by first class mail, that their sidewalk and/or curb must be repaired within a certain time frame at the expense of the property owner.

Skateboarding – For the health and safety of the citizenry, skateboarding is not permitted on the following roads [North and South Main Street, Maple Street from Main Street to the Borough line and Center Street] and not permitted on personal / private / Borough property in a manner inconsistent with the customary and ordinary use of that property. It is not permitted when there is insufficient light or when the atmospheric conditions/weather are unfavorable. Skateboarders must obey traffic control regulations and give the right-of-way to pedestrians and motor vehicles. No person shall place a ramp, half-pipe or other structure used for skateboarding in or on a public thoroughfare, public right-of-way, public street or public sidewalk. No person [under the age of 16] shall engage in skateboarding in any public place without wearing a helmet and footwear.

Parks – The Borough oversees the maintenance, scheduling and rules of the parks that are within the Borough limits. Because the parks are a public recreation location for the whole family, the following are not permitted on the park property: intoxicating beverages, abusive, vulgar language and/or conduct, fireworks, firearms, glass containers, littering, destruction or defacing of property and/or plant life, open fires, bicycling, skateboarding, and any unlawful activity. The parks are closed between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM except by special permission by the Borough Council.

Landlords – Every landlord shall notify the Tax Collector within 30 days of every new tenant or tenant who has moved over the age of 18. Failure to comply commits a summary offense punishable by a fine of $25 per unreported tenant.

This is a summary of the most referenced ordinances. This summary is intended for informational purposes only. The originals defines the purpose, explains the details, lists the penalties and gives the Borough legal enforcement. The Borough solicitor can assist with interpretation or questions.